Ethanol On

What in the world is ‘ethanol on tap’ all about anyway?

Information. Information on obtaining, distilling or just studying all about ethanol as used for a source of fuel.

Ethanol helps break the ‘addiction to oil‘ that President George Bush has warned the American motoring public about.

President Bush isn’t the only one making this statement:

A dependence that’s so strong it’s almost like a narcotic. You don’t question the pusher.” It may sound like the language of drug addiction, but in fact Robert Baer, a former CIA agent in the Middle East, is describing American dependence on Saudi Arabia and its oil. In “The Fall of the House of Saud” (May Atlantic), Baer details the United States’s absolute reliance on oil from a country that is deeply, dangerously unstable.

Robert Baer, a former CIA agent and the author of “The Fall of the House of Saud”, discusses the perils of our dependence on Saudi Arabia and its precious supply of fuel.

So what can be done to counteract the American oil habit and help to curb the ever increasing gasoline prices?

Conservation and the use of alternative fuels, of which ethanol is one that can help ease the crunch at the pump.

Ethanol is cheap to make and can run in various percentages both in today’s and yesterday’s cars as well.

Using ethanol is simple, just fill your car up a little over three-quarters full and then top it off with ethanol. The percentages of ethanol that you are able to use varies but averages 15% and the newer engines are able to run up to 85% ethanol! Be sure to check your manufacturer’s specifications prior to using any type of alternative fuel in it. For more information about the use of ethanol in your car or truck you can go to the National Vehicle Ethanol Coalition web site (here).

There are many other alternative fuels for our vehicles but ethanol may prove to be the ‘fix’ that is needed to break the American ‘oil habit’.